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The Team

Michael Mc Evoy

Michael McEvoy Chartered Accountant has been serving businesses in Galway for the last 40 years. He has extensive experience in all areas of accountancy, auditing, insolvency, forensic accounting and reports. He is a Fellow of Chartered Accountants Ireland and a member of Irish Society of Insolvency Practitioners.

The expansion, development and success of the firm has been under Michael’s direction since 1973. Michael is always available to his clients and takes a hands on approach with the day to day running of his busy accountancy practice. 

Michael’s commitment to the training of students and development of employees  has seen over 100 of his students qualify as accountants and more than 10 new accountancy practices open by past employees of his.


Siobhan McEvoy

Siobhan became a member of Chartered Accountants Ireland in 2003 and joined Michael McEvoy in 2005 as practice manager. She has extensive experience in Audit, Accountancy, Forensic Accounting, Family Law Corporate Insolvency across a wide range of sectors and clients. She holds a General Practicing Certificate, Insolvency Practicing Certificate and a Diploma in Insolvency issued by CAI. In addition she holds a B.Comm from National University of Ireland. She is a member of ISIP and the KPMG Alumni.

Since the formation of Michael McEvoy & Co. in 2006 as practice manager she has developed and headed the audit and insolvency department ensuring our firm is up to date and at the cutting edge of new development.


Alan McEvoy

A member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants (CPA) and an AITI Chartered Tax Advisor (CTA) with over 15 years experience across all our services Alan has established himself as a highly qualified and experienced accountant. Alan has played a major roll in developing the Firm’s resources and capabilities in delivering professional, cost effective and expert services. Alan was appointed Firm manager in 2008 and has taken on specific responsibilities as Head of Taxation and IT Development. Alan has extensive experience in Audit, Tax,  Forensics and Negotiations.

Alan is a member member of IAM.